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Continuum of Care Work Group

Magellan of Virginia initiated a continuum of care work group. Participants include stakeholders familiar with the behavioral health and medical needs of Medicaid and FAMIS members. The team's focus is on the needs of individuals from childhood to the elderly and will examine the complete continuum of behavioral health services. The workgroup will review the needs of the population of the Commonwealth as well as other state Medicaid programs. Recommendations will be developed and presented to Magellan of Virginia's Governance Board.  Following review by the Governance Board, the recommendations will be presented to the Medicaid agency and its sister agencies for their consideration.

As the Behavioral Health Services Administrator (BHSA) for Virginia Department of Medical Assistance Services, Magellan of Virginia is responsible for assuring that Medicaid and FAMIS members have access to a comprehensive and well-coordinated array of behavioral health services. These services must provide care for all age groups and should provide a continuum of care from least restrictive community-based services to acute care.


Magellan of Virginia's Governance Board is designed to advise and provide programmatic oversight. The Board and represented stakeholders shared concern about the current continuum of care available to Medicaid/FAMIS members. As a result, the Board commissioned a workgroup to evaluate the current range of behavioral health services. The decision received letters of support from Department of Medical Assistance Services, Department of Behavioral Health and Developmental Services, Office of Children’s Services, Department of Social Services and Department of Education.

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