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Recovery and Resiliency: Magellan’s Core Treatment Principles

At Magellan, recovery, resiliency and wellness are part of our culture and values, and we believe they should be included in all levels of mental health and substance abuse service delivery systems. These principles support members in meeting their goals for better health in communities of their choice. 

We encourage providers to build all services and supports upon this foundation of recovery, resiliency and wellness.

We believe that all people can recover from trauma, tragedy or other stresses. We are all able to go on with life and feel hopeful.  That is resiliency.

We believe that all people can learn, grow and change. We are all able to build a life filled with meaning and purpose. We believe this is a core value to promoting recovery.

We help individuals and families achieve a number of things through resiliency, recovery, and wellness:

  • A sense of belonging.
  • Participation in communities of their choice in self-determined roles.
  • Improved personal health.
  • Skills to get well.
  • A strong voice in their lives.
  • Hope for the future.

We support resiliency, recovery and wellness in all of our programs. We: 

  • Appreciate those we serve.
  • Respect culture and language.
  • Communicate well.
  • Support the strengths and skills of others.
  • Think about all areas of people’s lives that contribute to wellness, including
    • Physical health
    • Mental health
    • Addictions
    • Background
    • Meaning and purpose
    • Supportive Relationships
    • Community participation
    • Spirituality
    • And more.
  • Offer meaningful choices.
  • Encourage the use of peer, family and natural supports.
  • Help others build confidence.
  • Celebrate and share stories of success.
  • Involve individuals and their families when appropriate in planning, delivering and evaluating services.
  • Measure, monitor and improve.

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