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What Do I Do in An Emergency?

What is an emergency? This is when a person thinks he or she must act quickly to prevent serious health problems.

You may have a mental health or substance abuse emergency. For example, you fear you may hurt yourself. Or you think a family member may harm themselves. Or your family member may harm another person.

In an emergency, you must act quickly:

  • Call 911 at once! You do not need to call Magellan first. Go to the closest hospital. 911 will help you get transported to a hospital in an emergency. You can use any hospital for emergency care. Even if you are in another city or state.
  • Tell the hospital that you are a Magellan member. Ask them to call Magellan at 1-800-424-4046.
  • Contact your provider.
  • Or, contact Magellan any time, day or night. Call 1-800-424-4046. If you are deaf or have trouble hearing, please call our TDD line. It is 1-800-424-4048. Or call the TTY line at 711. We will help you find the right care.
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For questions about credentialing, contracting, provider website issues or general provider concerns, please contact us or call 1-800-424-4536.

For claim, authorization, discharges or clinical questions: email or call 1-800-424-4046.

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For quality of care concerns, general questions or comments, please call:
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