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As of December 1, 2016, the Virginia Independent Clinical Assessment Program (VICAP) is ending. 

VICAP will no longer be needed to start the following services:

  • Therapeutic Day Treatment (TDT)
  • Intensive In-Home (IIH)
  • Mental Health Skill-Building Services for Adolescents (MHSS) 

What do I do if my child needs help?
If you have an agency you would like to use please contact that agency to get an assessment. If you need help with finding an agency, you can call Magellan at 1-800-424-4046.

You may also use the provider search. Please click on the following link: then;
On the left side of the screen under Begin Your Search → click on “choose one” → select “Community Mental Health” → add your search information then → click on “search”

Magellan can also talk to you about mental health services that are available for your child. We can give you information about resources in your town.

You may choose to change or stop services with an agency at any time or for any reason.

What should I bring with me to the assessment?
You and your child must be at the assessment. Please bring your child’s Medicaid card to the assessment. If you would like you may also want to bring the following information:

  • school behavior records
  • past or current mental health services
  • list of medications your child takes now
  • picture ID of the parent
  • any other information you think would be good for them to know

What will happen at the assessment?
The provider will ask about you and your child. They will ask you about:

  • problems your child has now
  • mental health history
  • medical history
  • childhood history
  • drug or alcohol use
  • education and/or job history
  • who you live with
  • legal concerns
  • things your child is good at
  • people your child can trust

What happens after the assessment?
If your child needs services, the provider will submit information to Magellan. It may take three business days for Magellan to look at this information. It may take longer if your child’s provider did not give us all the information we need.  Magellan will see if criteria are met. The decision is made based on information your child’s provider gave Magellan. 

Talk to your child’s provider about when services will start. You and your child will create a treatment plan when services start. The treatment plan will be about your child’s needs.

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